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About Baltic sea and Neringa

Mini hotel "Vandeja" is located in the Center of Nida.

Mini Hotel is located near the center of Nida, a resort for travellers that are strained from work, and strive to forget the stress for those days.

Hotel is 100 Meters away from the Nida’s Lagoon Port. 1.2 Kilometers away from the Baltic Sea. So you can enjoy the warm sun of Nida Resort during your summer stay.

Baltic Sea (taken from Wikipedia)

The Baltic sea is a brackish mediterranean sea located in Northern Europe, from 53°N to 66°N latitude and from 20°E to 2°E longitude. It is bounded by the Scandinavian Peninsula, the mainland of Europe, and the Danish islands. It drains into the Kattegat by way of the Øresund, the Great Belt and the Little Belt. The Kattegat continues through Skagerrak into the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Baltic Sea is connected by man-made waterways to the White Sea via the White Sea Canal, and to the North Sea via the Kiel Canal. The Baltic Sea might be considered to be bordered on its northern edge by the Gulf of Bothnia, on its northeastern edge by the Gulf of Finland, and on its eastern edge by the Gulf of Riga. These various gulfs can also be considered part of the Baltic Sea.

Neringa (taken from Wikipedia)

Neringa is a municipality in westernmost Lithuania, in the Curonian Spit. In terms of population, it is the smallest municipality of the country. Until the Lithuanian municipality reform, it was known as Neringa city, although there was never a true city there. It was made a city only because within the Soviet administrative system it was not possible to carve such small districts, but it was possible to grant rights to a city that it would only be responsible to the state itself rather than districts. Neringa is separated from the mainland Lithuania by Curonian Lagoon which, while there is no bridge, it is still accessible from the mainland by ferry only. The villages in Neringa municipality are Nida, Preila, Pervalka and Juodkrantė. They are tourist resorts and by then it was popular to grant more self government to resorts. The municipality is the only one in Lithuania which is not called after a town or city. The name Neringa was created at Soviet time for the new city municipality.

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